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Our team of tree surgeons in Manchester are skilled, industry qualified professionals. Our free consultation service means we can evaluate your requirements whether it is a tree removal or crown reduction our tree surgeons can help.

Roots and Shoots tree surgeons consider everything from the risks and legal regulations, to the overall health and aesthetic of the tree. Whether it is tree removal or light trimming we can help.Who We AreROOTS AND SHOOTS IS A FAMILY OWNED AND RUN TREE SURGEONS BUSINESS BASED IN CHARLESWORTH JUST ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF MANCHESTER. WE STRIVE FOR 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. TREE SURGEONS MANCHESTER CAN SOUND A BIT GENERAL SO WE COVER HIGH PEAK, TAMESIDE, STOCKPORT, BRAMHALL, DISLEY, WILMSLOW, ALTRINCHAM.

There really is no job too big or too small for our tree surgeons Manchester. So don’t worry if it’s a large full tree removal or minor pruning tree services that’s troubling you. Our tree surgeons will provide a free no obligation quote and make recommendations best suited to your environment.We have a professional team of tree surgeons who carry out both domestic tree services and commercial tree services in a skilled and courteous manner, ensuring all areas are left clean and tidy when the project is complete. Roots and Shoots is a team of highly qualified tree surgeons can deal with any tree issue that comes our way.


Commercial work includes preparation before any tree removal on site. Survey, detailing what tree services is involved, writing RAMS risk assessment and method statements.Site tree services, preparing the logistics and making sure the work runs smoothly. Whether it is light pruning to tree removal Manchester, our tree surgeons can offer the right tree services needed to the task in hand.Our tree surgeons are all fully qualified each one holding cs39 and above and first aid.

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Crown Lifting Services

Crown lifting is a pruning technique that removes the lowest branches and increases light transmission under the crown. The process widens the clearance space between the ground level and lower branches, both making the tree more accessible and improving light and views.

Our Approach Our fully qualified and trained professionals always follow best practice guidance to ensure the correct steps are taken for each tree.We avoid the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk, as this can cause large wounds and damage the biomechanical stability of the tree.

When carrying out crown lifting, our ultimate goal is to create a lower trunk that’s free of branches, in order to let in more light and improve accessibility and views.At roots and shoots we offer a crown lifting service in Manchester.

Crown lifting is a process of removing lower branches in order to raise the height of the crown in relation to the base of the tree.Before carrying out crown lifting a proper assessment needs to be carried out. The visual inspection of the tree is important so we can balance the crown of the tree and keep the root plate stable.

The process of tree crown lifting starts with the minor branches and has to be carefully done so to avoid ripping down the bark. We cut below the branch and then above in a step cut fashion, then we finish off the cut in accordance with BS3998.In regard with larger branches greater care and consideration is needed when doing tree crown lifting. Step cuts are what is required initially to avoid damaging the tree. When we do crown lifting we do it in such a way that keeps the tree healthy and avoids decay.

Choose Roots & Shoots When pruned correctly by an experienced tree surgeon, crown lifting can open up the area around the tree and promote good light transmission.Our skilled team has the expertise to ensure the job is carried out to the highest standard to prevent any damage – such as wounding and decay – which can happen if the correct measures have not been taken.

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Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree poses an immediate obstruction or danger, emergency tree services are required to remove the risk and ensure a safe environment. If trees have fallen, or a tree has been identified as a high risk, then we will carry out emergency tree services as short notice.Our Approach Roots & Shoots are skilled in all aspects of tree maintenance and removal.If a tree has fallen, caused an obstruction or has become weak and hazardous, then we’ll attend the site urgently to assess the best course of action. Our phone lines are available 24 hours a day, so if you have an emergency situation, get in touch and we will effectively resolve the issue.Emergency tree removal.

The most obvious situation when this is needed is when there has been a storm and the wind has exploited a weakness in the tree. The tree has failed and requires tree removal immediately. These situations require fast action sometimes when the tree is across a main road or rail line, or it can be power or phone lines. Just this year we had a emergency tree removal.

The tree was co-dominant the weak union was at the base of the tree and part of the tree had fallen onto the neighbours roof. The tree removal was interesting but challenging were we needed to remove the tree but avoid any further damage to the roof.Choose Roots & Shoots In an emergency situation, we operate a 24 hour service so we can attend the site and immediate risks or threats.If you need emergency assistance with a fallen or severely damaged tree, get in touch and we will help you manage the situation and eliminate any risks to people or property.Tree removal at the best of times has its hazards, emergency tree removal is extremely hazardous and should never be done by anyone who isn’t qualified or competent.

The health and safety executive warns against DIY emergency tree removal. Tree removal is dangerous at any time and even more so when you have damaged trees to deal with.

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Crown Reduction Services

Crown reduction is a pruning method that reduces the height and/or spread of the crown. It’s an effective method of reducing stress on branches and making a tree better suited to it environment.

Our Approach

Our fully qualified team will ensure that the final result retains the main framework of the crown and results in a smaller, but similar overall shape of the tree. We carry out crown reductions where mechanical stress on individual branches is too great, making it lighter and easier to bear its own weight. Where necessary, we also employ this method to reduce the effects of shading and light loss.

What is crown reductionLet’s start with the term crown. This is the overall shape of the tree which describes the outer tips of the branches and leaves. Sometimes a tree will outgrow its position. This can be in instances where the tree is growing into power lines or overhanging a house or is significantly taller than a house and so has the to deal with the full force of the wind. Crown reduction can reduce the sail effect of the wind as can crown thinning, more on that later.How much is taken off in a crown reduction?This where opinion will vary depending who you talk to. A crown reduction is a light prune removing peripheral branches. The main structure of the tree and all the major branches should remain untouched unless there are good grounds to do that e.g., storm damage. In essence you should have a similar but smaller outline. Normally I would recommend 15% as a good guide this will obviously vary according to species of tree. Some trees can cope with hard pruning such as willow other trees can only deal with a light superficial prune such as silver birch.

The Benefits:Crown reduction procedures will make the tree more suited to its immediate environment.By removing outer foliage, there will be less mechanical stress acting on both individual branches and the tree as a whole, so the tree will be stronger and better adapted to the space. When combined with crown lifting and crown thinning, the end result will be a lighter, more open space in and around the tree.

Reasons for a crown reductionAs trees mature, they naturally produce deadwood which can snap off at any time, if the tree is competing for light the shape of the crown can be compromised. The direct benefit of crown reduction services is in storm conditions the tree is made safer and less prone to branches falling off and damaging either person or property. The best approach I say to my customers in Manchester is to think of formulating a five-year plan, for employing crown reduction services. So, on a five year cycle the tree gets crown reduced and the potential risk gets significantly lowered.

When is a good time to get a tree crown reduction?Most people would say late autumn and winter, and that would be true of many trees but not all. Lime trees for example are prone to the frost on new cuts so late summer after any blooms is a safer time for a tree reduction of this type of tree.Is a crown reduction beneficial for the tree?New growth is encouraged through phototropism. So short answer yes. When a tree is producing juvenile growth, the tree will naturally have a lot more vigour. When there is a lot more vigour in the tree the tree is naturally more pest and disease free.

How does crown reduction help with fighting disease?If the tips of the branches have a disease attacking them then removing that from the rest of the tree prevents further spread of the disease. This also helps stop the spread to neighbouring trees in the area.

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